Back in Northern Virginia Now

October 18th, 2016 by admin

Of course I have spent the last few months in a place that I am not supposed to talk about, but now I am back in the real world and pretty happy about it. The wife and the kids were in Northern Virginia ahead of me, as always she was on top of it all. For the moment we have been living in apartments in Leesburg VA, but we have a list of homes that she was whittling down. Of course she was not going to make the final decision until I got back. For now I am going to be working at the Pentagon and that is going to be my last hitch probably. I have likely reached the point where it is either get promoted or get out. They give you the first few promotions for free basically and I managed to climb the rung up to major, but it gets really tough from here up. So if they do not promote you, then you get the door soon after. I do not really intend to wait for that.

In fact I am thinking about becoming a commercial pilot next. I have a lot of service time, but I am still young enough to get a new career off of the ground. It is not like that is easy, but I have time in four engine jets and all of the certifications that would be required to fly commercial airliners. It is not so easy to get started, but I have a foot in the door because I know a lot of guys who have already gone this path and they can speak for me. That is obviously going to be a big help to me when I start looking for a new place to fly for after the service.


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